Expand your imagination
Home renovations are difficult enough; financing it should not be. Whether you are moving into a new home or looking to give your old home a makeover, IDLC home equity loan can help to make your home picture perfect.


  • Financing up to 75% of the property value.
  • Maximum loan tenure is 15 yrs.
  • Full / partial early payment option of the loan amount before the expiry.

How can I use this loan?

You can avail this facility for extension or renovation of existing building, apartment or commercial space, for balance takeover from other bank/FI to meet additional fund requirement or any other valid purpose.

Am I Eligible?

You are eligible for our Home Equity Loan facility if you are:

  • Regular income from a sustainable & valid source of employment or business
  • Age of the main income earner should be within 65 years at the end of proposed loan tenure.
  • Property being mortgaged should be an eligible & enforceable security
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