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  • Relationship Management/Sales and Relations

    We build successful relationships with individuals and companies to help them achieve their financial and investment goals.

  • IT

    We build technological infrastructures and solutions to facilitate our growing business.

  • HR

    We recruit, develop and empower our most important asset – the people.

  • Finance & Accounting

    We help protect the company from regulatory and capital requirements, ensuring sustainable growth.

  • Administration

    We enable the smooth running of the company by enabling daily functions

  • Credit Analyst

    We help the Institution identify, anticipate and manage risks, ensuring a healthy product portfolio.

  • Marketing

    We help the company tell its story.

  • Investment Analyst/ Research

    We help shape industries by helping individual businesses grow and manage risk with financial support and advice.

  • Stock broker/ Fund manager

    We ensure the best of decisions are made by our clients, making sense of the order and chaos of the Stock Market.

  • Asset Management

    We help clients from all walks of life achieve their financial goals through different insruments.

  • Finance

    We create, organize and display data as information that ensures the best of decisions made by the organization.

  • Treasury

    We manage market and capital risk and protect the company from failing to deliver its promises - ensuring its long-standing reputation.

  • Operations

    We ensure that the business deliver on what they promise, acting as the last check and balance of the company's Services.

  • Collection

    We maintain of one of the lowest NPL in the industry by cooperating and ensuring timely payment of Loans.

  • Structured Finance Department

    We enable leaps in the industry by providing capital and arranging funds for the biggest Projects of the country.

  • Customer Service

    We provide full support, online and offline, to the clients who keep the wheels of the organizations turning.

  • Legal

    We are the advisors that the entire company trusts for legal advice and support.