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October 1, 2012
IDLC 's first environmental awareness session at Udayan
IDLC and LEADS have conducted the very first environmental awareness session at Udayan Higher Seconday School. The half-day program consisted of presentations, workshops and team-based activities, in participation of the students from classes four and six, where the students themselves identified the causes of environmental pollution and wastage of resources, and came up with solutions to mitigate these problems. Specific tasks were also assigned to them, aimed at creating awareness and introduce better practices among their family members and fellow students. Moreover, IDLC provided special stickers with messages for responsible utilization of electricity and water, and different color waste bins to start the practice of source-separation of waste materials.

A follow-up visit will be conducted a month later to get updates of the tasks assigned to the students.

The session at Udayan was one of a series of environmental awareness campaigns that IDLC will undertake in different schools across Bangladesh. An agreement was signed in this regard with LEADS, a social organization of TRK Consultancy Services, on September 16, 2012.