Feel the Joy of your Own Home
Home is where your dreams begin. And then from marriage, to children and even after retirement, your home is the shelter to every phase of your life. That is why we bring you IDLC Home Loan, to give you the confidence of your own space, and let your children’s freedom touch the sky.


  • Repayment via EMI
  • Conversion Facility from Fixed to Variable or Vice Versa
  • Early prepayment option in full or part
  • TLA Facility with a good Number of Developers
  • Bridge Finance Facility

How can I use this loan?

You can use this loan to purchase an apartment or house

What is the term of this Loan?

Residential Purpose:

Category Maximum Term Maximum Age
Professional 20 years 65 years
Businessmen 15 years 60 years
Non Resident Bangladeshi (NRBs) 10 years 60 years
Service Holders 20 years 60 years
Commercial Purpose: Maximum 7 years for any profession

Am I Eligible?

You are eligible for our Home Loan facility if you are:

  • 25 years and above of age, but not more than 60 years, except professional
  • Earning on a regular basis from a sustainable source of employment or business
  • Your property is located where IDLC has its branches or booths

How much loan can I take?

Home Loan amount depends on your repayment capability. A number of factors such as your monthly net disposable income, age, qualifications, value of the immovable property, number of family members and dependents, monthly expense, other fixed obligations, nature of job/business, savings habits etc. are taken into consideration.

  • Residential Purpose: 70% of the purchase price, including registration cost, or 80% of the construction cost of residential house can be offered as Home Loan.
  • Commercial Purpose: 50% of the purchase price, including registration cost, can be offered as Home Loan.
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